How to transport your wedding cake

The cake delivery process is a harrowing experience for even the most experienced bakers and usually comes complete with a repair kit in case of damage during the journey. We do not recommend transporting cakes over 10 inches tall however, if you have chosen to pick up your cake from your baker and transport it to your venue, there are a few things that you need to know.

​* Once the cake is delivered or picked up, all responsibility belongs to the client. *

Preparation and transport

  1.  One of the most important things is that your cake should be properly constructed with enough internal structural support.
  2. Prepare your vehicle before picking up the cake.
  3. Clear a flat/level surface of all derbies.
  4.  place a non-slip mat on the cleared surf
  5. Place your cake in a box that fits to avoid it from moving during delivery. If the box is to big, add a non-slip mat inside the box.
  6.  Place your boxed cake on the cleared surface in your vehicle.
  7. Do not squeeze the sides of the box as doing so my cause damage to your cake.
  8. Do not place cake on slanted car seats.
  9. Turn the AC on high and close all windows.
  10.  Drive slowly, avoid sharp turns and slamming in your brakes.

If for any reason your vehicle cannot accommodate these recommendations we advise that someone accompanies you  in order to hold the cake during delivery.