How to transport your wedding cake

How to transport your wedding cake


How to transport your wedding cake

The cake delivery process is a harrowing experience for even the most experienced bakers and usually comes complete with a repair kit in case of damage during the journey. We do not recommend transporting cakes over 10 inches tall however, if you have chosen to pick up your cake from your baker and transport it to your venue, there are a few things that you need to know.


​* Once the cake is delivered or picked up, all responsibility belongs to the client. *

Preparation and transport

  1.  One of the most important things is that your cake should be properly constructed with enough internal structural support.
  2. Prepare your vehicle before picking up the cake.
  3. Clear a flat/level surface of all derbies.
  4.  place a non-slip mat on the cleared surf
  5. Place your cake in a box that fits to avoid it from moving during delivery. If the box is to big, add a non-slip mat inside the box.
  6.  Place your boxed cake on the cleared surface in your vehicle.
  7. Do not squeeze the sides of the box as doing so my cause damage to your cake.
  8. Do not place cake on slanted car seats.
  9. Turn the AC on high and close all windows.
  10.  Drive slowly, avoid sharp turns and slamming in your brakes.

If for any reason your vehicle cannot accommodate these recommendations we advise that someone accompanies you  in order to hold the cake during delivery.


Fresh flowers on wedding cakes

Contributor  Nikki Diaz


Fresh flowers on wedding cakes is a stunning addition to any occasion. For many brides that would like gum paste flowers but are working with a smaller budget, it can also be a cost effective way to achieve a similar look.

The advise given to many brides is that it would be more cost effective to order their cake as a blank canvas and have their florist add flowers at the venue. When deciding on whether your cake decorator or florist should add flowers to your cake there are a few important things to consider. 

Experience working with fresh flowers on wedding cakes

Does your florist have experience working with cake as a medium? 

When placing fresh flowers on cakes or anything that will be for human consumption, there must be a barrier between the stem and the cake. The florist should either use floral tape, which is non-toxic or Ingenious Edible Safety Seal, which is a fast drying wax. 

When using fresh flowers to decorate cakes, be as thorough as possible when researching your flowers of choice. While flowers are beautiful to look at, some can be poisonous to humans or can irritate the skin. 

Shelf life of fresh flowers on wedding cakes

When deciding to add fresh flowers on wedding cakes consider the shelf life of your flowers. What I tend to do is keep the flowers in water up until you are about to place it on your cake, this means that your flowers gets maximum hydration and can last a long time. Do wear gloves, cleans hands also mean longer lasting flowers and is also more hygienic.

Cakes are fragile and can be easily damaged. To reduce this possibility your cake should be cold when inserting flowers. 

Do you have a design plan

When adding fresh flowers on wedding cakes it is necessary to a have planned design. You cannot just add flowers to your cake on a whim. Remember cake design is an organic process and adjustments may be necessary so please be patient. 

Some fresh flowers that are safe for use include: 

Fresh flowers on wedding cakes

Some flowers that are not edible include:

Calla lily
Dusty Miller
Holly (berries)

Always be sure to do your research and if you get conflicting information err on the side of caution.


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How to make your groom happy



On your wedding day as the bride everyone’s attention is on you, show your groom that he is your focus. Show him just how happy you are to be beginning this next chapter of your lives together. Express your love by getting him a groom’s cake that shows your intimate knowledge of something he loves. It can captures his fun side, his love of sports or even an inside joke between you, the possibilities are literally endless.

A groom’s cake is  a wedding tradition originating in Victorian England and is traditionally presented to the groom by his bride. Recently this tradition has been making a comeback and is being incorporated into American culture.

Tips for choosing a Groom’s cake


  1. What are his hobbies. You can chose one or combine them all to create a kick ass grooms cake.
  2. Does he have any special interests
  3. What are some of the things that are most important to him.
  4. What is his favorite sports team, does he have a favorite move or TV show or book.
  5. Having carefully thought through his interests and hobbies if you are still undecided then search for ideas online. Google, Instagram and Pinterest are good places to start.
  6. During your consultation give your baker as much information as possible about your groom. Provide detailed information about what you are looking for, if possible providing photos of similar cake ideas can be helpful. Give detailed information about your wedding plans and ask your baker for suggestions or additional or alternate ideas.
  7. What is his favorite flavor cake and filling. Add to the surprise and make it his favorite cake and filling. The grooms cake does not need to be can be the same flavor as the wedding cake.
  8. It is very important that you set a realistic budget for your grooms cake. The number of servings as well as the design complexity determines the price.  Shaped and 3-D cakes are more time consuming to create and therefore are more expensive than a round or square cake.
  9. When choosing a cake decorator make sure that their skill level matches what is required for the level of difficulty of your cake.


How is to display your groom’s cake


  1. Display the grooms cake on a separate cake table close to the wedding cake. Or as a surprise have it brought out right after the wedding cake cutting ceremony.
  2. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner the grooms cake can have center stage at that event.

Note to bride


Planning your wedding can be a stressful process don’t forget to have fun when ordering your grooms cake, it’s a great way to show the groom how important he is to you while making him feel amazingly special ❤.


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