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My dream for you

Growing up my parents never seemed to outwardly show affection for each other. Now that I’m a grown up I can clearly see the million little ways they did just that every single day of their life together. 

As a child my bedroom was right next to my parents and I remember falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning to the sound of their voices as they talked to each other. 

They discussed, they planned and of course they gossiped. No one, and I mean no one gossiped like my dad. 

They built their lives together and raised their children (all 6 of us) on well thought-out plans and detailed conversations. 

During my high school years my dad, who was a police officer, was transferred to Carriacou Police Station. Carriacou is one of the smaller islands that makes up Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Now you would think that since my dad was away more than he was at home that he wouldn’t be as involved in our lives. Well, you haven’t meet our dad. We were his world, his purpose.

His first phone call in the morning at 6 am was faithfully to our mom, and his last phone call at night 8 pm (lol) was also to our mom. And he called a million times in between. Sometimes she would frustratingly say, “just tell him I’m not here” but she always answered. Always. And, if you listened, there would be only kindness and love in her tone, no annoyance. 

I always wondered, what do they have to say to each other all day long.

But I know this, they were best friends who loved, respected, and missed each other.

My wish for you, my Exquisite bride, is that your partner in life makes you their first phone call in the morning, their last phone call at night, and the first on their mind to tell about all the little things that occur during the time in between. That they plan with you from dusk… till dawn. 

That even though your millionth call for the day may cause annoyance, that they always answer you with loving in their voice and joy in their hearts. 

I wish you a lifetime with someone who builds such a solid life with you that when it comes to a point where you have to spend months apart you do not feel the distance, only the love.

 (My dad waited for my mom to get here then 2 weeks later after thanking her for their life he left us to be with Jesus.)

I try every day and with every order to infuse as much of *that* kind of genuine love into my work as possible. So the next time someone asks me why I’m never satisfied with a look or why am I changing something, yet again. Why Am I am forever chasing a goal that seems to them never to be, I want them to think about this and realize that even though I know I strive for the impossible, I will never stop doing so. 

With all my love,