I would introduce you to Abeki A. Carter.  Abeki and I have worked together on many projects and in the process have come to understand and appreciate each others skill set. Over time we have developed a shorthand that makes working with her enjoyable, and low stress. Abeki leaves no stone un-turned in an effort to make every event a Chic Occasion.


Meet Abeki Carter, the owner of Chic Occasions Events.

Abeki A. Carter is a Certified Wedding & Event Planner, Event Educator and Mentor with 25+  years of experience planning weddings and creating unique events. She is also an entrepreneur and the CEO of Chic Occasions Events, a full service wedding and event planning company in New York. An advocate for professional development and education in the event industry, Abeki has been teaching Wedding and Event Certification Courses at the local community colleges over the last six years. She takes pride in being able to educate, support and empower acommunity of wedding and event professionals through courses, hands-on workshops and mentorships.

Abeki has a BA in Marketing, MA in Public Administration and holds certifications in Wedding and Event Planning as well as Fundraising Event Management. She is a member of the International Wedding Planning Association. Abeki’s knowledge and expertise have earned her recognition as Internship Coordinator of the Year by David Tutera, Outstanding Instructor by Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institution, 20 on The Rise, by HoneyBook/Rising Tide Society and Dream Maker Award by Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute.

Abeki provides education, resources, and support to both emerging and experienced wedding creatives who want to grow and sustain a profitable business while living their best lives . She issupportive, honest, resourceful, and a firm believer in community with a mission to show up, inspire, serve, and make a difference in her community of industry peers.


Planning Phase


 The planning phase of your wedding should be enjoyed. Creating that special moment you will share with the ones you love whether it’s 50 or 150 guest. Having a micro-wedding doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice on the opportunity to have an amazing wedding day, instead it means that you can allocate your resources in a way that incorporates all of your mush haves.

 What is micro wedding?

 A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. Basically, it’s a traditional wedding with fewer guest. Micro weddings afford a lot more flexibility and they can be easier on the budget.” So here’s a few reasons why a micro wedding may be good fit for you .

     Tip 1.


 You’re finding that planning a large wedding is overwhelming and doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy your engagement. The option of having a micro weddings along with hiring a wedding planner helps you to better manage the timeline and any surprises may pop up along the way. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your partner and planning your wedding. 

  Tip 2.


 Want to create more room in the budget . A smaller celebration doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the decor. A micro wedding will allow you to have a big splurge on making your wedding look amazing. From florals, lighting, tablesetting, and your wedding cake, you will no longer have to choose what gets the bigger bulk of the budget. 


Tip 3.


Manageable timeline and planning process. With a micro wedding it’s easier to navigate the planning process and any last minute surprises. Basically fewer details you have to manage. 


Tip 4.


Don’t want to feel guilty about choosing your wedding party. With a micro wedding you can opt out of a wedding party or you can decide to only have a best man and maid of honor. This way no one is heartbroken because they were not apart of the wedding party 

 Tip 5.


Want a more personal experience for you and your guest. Micro wedding will allow you to “actually”experience your own wedding. It enables you to spend more time with your guest and create a personal and intimate experience .

Call the expert


So, if you think a micro wedding might be right for you discuss the pros and cons with your partner, list out all things you must have, prepare for push back from friends and family, hire a planner and happy planning

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