On your wedding day as the bride everyone’s attention is on you, show your groom that he is your focus. Show him just how happy you are to be beginning this next chapter of your lives together. Express your love by getting him a groom’s cake that shows your intimate knowledge of something he loves. It can captures his fun side, his love of sports or even an inside joke between you, the possibilities are literally endless.

A groom’s cake is  a wedding tradition originating in Victorian England and is traditionally presented to the groom by his bride. Recently this tradition has been making a comeback and is being incorporated into American culture.

Tips for choosing a Groom’s cake


  1. What are his hobbies. You can chose one or combine them all to create a kick ass grooms cake.
  2. Does he have any special interests
  3. What are some of the things that are most important to him.
  4. What is his favorite sports team, does he have a favorite move or TV show or book.
  5. Having carefully thought through his interests and hobbies if you are still undecided then search for ideas online. Google, Instagram and Pinterest are good places to start.
  6. During your consultation give your baker as much information as possible about your groom. Provide detailed information about what you are looking for, if possible providing photos of similar cake ideas can be helpful. Give detailed information about your wedding plans and ask your baker for suggestions or additional or alternate ideas.
  7. What is his favorite flavor cake and filling. Add to the surprise and make it his favorite cake and filling. The grooms cake does not need to be can be the same flavor as the wedding cake.
  8. It is very important that you set a realistic budget for your grooms cake. The number of servings as well as the design complexity determines the price.  Shaped and 3-D cakes are more time consuming to create and therefore are more expensive than a round or square cake.
  9. When choosing a cake decorator make sure that their skill level matches what is required for the level of difficulty of your cake.


How is to display your groom’s cake


  1. Display the grooms cake on a separate cake table close to the wedding cake. Or as a surprise have it brought out right after the wedding cake cutting ceremony.
  2. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner the grooms cake can have center stage at that event.

Note to bride


Planning your wedding can be a stressful process don’t forget to have fun when ordering your grooms cake, it’s a great way to show the groom how important he is to you while making him feel amazingly special ❤.


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