Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nikki Diaz and I love Flowers! Flowers can transform your wedding and set the tone for your special day! I, along with my husband Eddie meet with couples and help them to make the best decisions about florals for their special day.

About us


Eddie and I started Events by Nikki Diaz in September 2015  from our home, while we were engaged and planning our own wedding. We realized that their was a need for a florist that catered to the client who wanted to have a wedding on the smaller intimate scale.
While we had plans for a small wedding with more elaborate taste, Eddie who is a special Ed teacher got into school to complete his Masters Degree, and so our plans changed. Instead we opted for a small wedding at home with 40 of our closest family and friends.
Our aim in helping couples has always been to get them to their dream florals and to help them realize, that even though this is the day that they publicly declare their love and their intent to spend the rest of their lives together, they can do it in a financially responsible way!!! We are here to make your dreams come through!

Our Process

Our process starts with meeting the couple and learning about their “love story”. Let’s all admit, we love to know the origin of a relationship. How did you know that this was the person you wanted to spend your life with?


What is the ideal budget for wedding florals? About 8-10% of your budget should be allowed for florals, however, that is not set in stone and if you want really want to go all the way, it’s OK to give that budget a bump.  

How do you want your wedding to feel? 


It’s very important that you do your research and bring any ideas with you to your consultation. Do you want romance (which can mean lots of flowers and candles) or modern, which tends to be minimalist with sharp lines. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Color Scheme

I love to see the venue, and to take a look at all the decor elements. This can be things like linens or draping to ensure that everything is cohesive.  couples tend to choose colors that are traditional to the season of their wedding or a combination of the couples favorite colors.


Please be sure to check that your venue doesn’t have an in-house florist. Some venues do not allow outside florist to work in their venue space!


Choosing your florals                        


What is your favorite flower(s). Sometimes it could be the flowers he gave you on your first date or it could be something that integrates your culture. When choosing flowers for your wedding, ensure that no one in your wedding party has allergies, we would hate for your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be walking down the aisle sneezing or having a runny rose or swollen eyes.

Some flowers such as calla lilies can be irritating to the skin if not prepped properly. Also, avoid asiatic lilies in bouquets, however, if you insist on it, be sure that your florist removes all stamen when the blooms have opened so as to not stain your dress. Keep in mind that some blooms are seasonal which makes them more expensive and may not be available depending your wedding season. 

Work with your florist 


Work along with your florist to choose flowers that will hold up against extreme heat or cold. No one wants to walk around with flowers that have died before the ceremony is even over.

However, there are methods that can help you have those crisp hydrangeas and other weather prone blooms that will last all through your wedding ceremony and reception. 




As you get closer to your big day, arrange for setup and delivery. Let your florist know where your Wedding party will be getting dressed so flowers can be delivered there for photos.

Setup for ceremony and reception is usually 2-3 hours before start time.. 


Communicate With your florist 


Inform your florist of any changes to your design and ensure that your florist and planner have open lines of communication. *decide if you want to donate your flowers or give them to certain guests as they leave…

Chose your florals carefully and make sure they are exactly what you want or as close to that as possible.Happy Planning!


Call the expert

If you need help deciding what is right for you, you can always call in a professional!

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