It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the best WEDDING VOW coach in the business. She will guide you through the process of creating vows that are both person and meaningful. vows that will have your friends and family in tears and that your spouse will remember for a lifetime.

Meet C.K Alexander Jean, the  owner & Founder of Love Ink.

C.K. Alexander Jean has always had a passion for writing and love. This ambitious writer, born in Los Angeles and raised in New York is  the owner and founder of Love Ink, a heart-centered writing and coaching service that assists couples and individuals with creating the perfect words for their special moments, including wedding vows, wedding ceremonies, wedding website wording, love letters and more.

C .K.’s tenure in the field of journalism as well as her coaching and writing services has led her to host writing workshops nationally and speak as an expert on wedding and lifestyle panels around the country. She has been featured in The New Yorker Magazine, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, The Hill Newspaper, Perfect Wedding Guide,  Huffington Post Weddings, and New York Wedding Magazine. 



Tip 1: Talk to Your Officiant

Not all officiants allow for custom vows. Make sure that your officiant will allow personalized vows to be read during the ceremony. Some may require you to recite traditional vows in addition to your personalized vows. Either way, it’s best to make your desires known before you get started on writing your wedding vows.                      



Tip 2: Talk to Your Fiancé

After you’ve received clearance from your officiant, you’ll want to have a discussion with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page. This is a great opportunity to talk about the tone of your wedding vows and what are some of the important things that you both want to include in your vows. You do not have to share everything you plan to include, but you should both have an understanding of what’s important.


Tip 3: Get Organized

I always suggest carving out a specific time to work on your wedding vows. Put it on your calendar and make sure that this a time where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. Then, you’ll want to sit and create an outline, where you include all the things you want to cover like: Why you love your partner, why you are excited to get married, what you are looking forward to as a married couple, how your partner has enhanced your life, some of the special moments you have both shared together.


Tip 4: Let it Flow

Once you’ve created an outline, it’s time to let it flow and start writing your vows. Don’t worry about length, or grammar, or how it looks. Just keep writing and get all of your feelings out on paper. This is a draft so don’t limit yourself.


Tip 5: Fine-Tune Your Draft

Once you’ve reviewed your draft. It’s time to edit. Cut out the parts that are not clear or incomplete and double check your outline to make sure all of the key components that you wanted to include are there. When you are done, recite your vows (preferably in the mirror) and time yourself to make sure that your vows aren’t too long or too short. Your vows should be about 1 to 2 minutes max.


Call the expert

And, if you still need help creating those perfect words you can always call in a professional! I offer on-on-one vow coaching video sessions via Zoom, where you’ll have access to my vow-writing questionnaire, and I’ll teach you my easy vow-writing 4-part method. You’ll leave the 40 min. to one-hour training with the perfect outline for your vows and a completed draft. Click here to schedule a complimentary vow chat today!